CE Green Business

CE Green Business

2006/6/15 Officially Registered in Deiaware of the U.S.

HOTA (USA) Holding Corp. is officially registered in Delaware of the U.S. on June 15th, 2006 for the purpose of 100% owning its subsidiary –


Professional Dismantling scrap Card

In order to enter the imported Scrap Vehicles Dismanting and Recycling Experimental Park【Zhangiagang Resources Recycling Demonstration Base】, the environmental protection and resources recycling project in China’s 11th Five-Year Plan, HARC will engage in the resources recycling business of obtaining the cast iron, aluminum, copper, platinum and other metals as well as rubber, glass, leather, non-woven fabrics, etc from professional dismantling and shredding.

After more than 2 years of efforts, HOTA became the only foreign invested company among the first batch of companies which are approved to engage in business of import scrap vehicles dismantling, shredding, resources recycling and sale by China’s State Council, State Environmental Protection Administration and Jiangsu Province.

04 Approved to establish “Zhangjiagang Resources Recycling Park” experimental plot in Suzhou by China’s Environmental Protection Administration, General Administration of Inspection and General Administration of Customs.
04 Had controlled about 750,000 scrap vehicles annual supply exported from the United States, Japan and South Korea, etc.
09 Got Baoli Park Project and Land Approval from Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission.
10 Obtained the Business License of HOTA(CHINA), USD20 million registered capital. HOTA(CHINA) officially launched the construction of the plant.
02 will sign the Purchase Contract with CHENG HO HSING Co. to buy a 6,000hp/year equipment which could process 1 million scrap vehicles/year.
Dismantling trial will be started in order to enter the operating demonstration; in Nov. 2008, HOTA(China) will complete the development of the dismantling line.
06 Signed the letter of intent for investment with Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, reach a consensus on investment-related matters in the imported scrap vehicles’ dismantling and recycling park.
08 207 acres of land foundation pile driving project has been completed.
11 Obtain Land certificates to conduct plant construction project contracting.
04 Zhangjianggang Resource Recycling Park passed the pre-operation examination by Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department and other related government authorizes.
09 1. The patents of Land Usage Approval has acquired.
2. Zhangjianggang Car Recycling Experiment Park has successfully passed the environmental protection inspection organized by the Department of environment protection, China Customs, AQSIQ, and other related China government authorities.
11 Singed the strategic cooperation MOU with Japanese supplier, the supply capacity increased from 60,000 cars (per/year) to 200,000 cars in 3 years.
12 The patents of Shredder Automatic Feeding System has acquired.
01 Singed the strategic cooperation MOU with American supplier, the supply capacity increased from 60,000 cars (per/year) to 200,000 cars in 5years.
03 1.Construction is expected to be finished.。
2.Obtain the license of house property in the end of March.
03 Installation of production equipment, importing the first Scrap Cars.
03 Start the trial operation.